Music From the Good Old Days

Barbershop is one of two unique American styles of music, but unlike its more famous cousin, Jazz, this style had been dying for the last few decades.  The number of people who still sing barbershop is small, and when you go to conventions you can see that most of the population is aging.  But there has been a move more recently to try to attract new young blood to the craft, and towards that goal there have been more contemporary songs that have been arranged for barbershop.  But the core rules that govern the definition and use of the barbershop style, especially in competitions, has progressed more slowly.  Songs that tend to be sung at barbershop conventions for competition tend to be from past decades, and you have to be really careful that you are following the barbershop rules if you are going to try to arrange a more contemporary song for competition.  One of the competitors at a recent event sang the following song in this regard.

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