How Does Crispr Gene Editing Work? | WIRED

I wrote about this technology and its possible impacts a while back.  Here is an article on the topic with a short video that describes the technology in simple terms.  (The video in this link started playing automatically with my browser, but I needed to “unmute” the audio.)

via How Does Crispr Gene Editing Work? | WIRED

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4 thoughts on “How Does Crispr Gene Editing Work? | WIRED”

  1. Thanks for posting this article. I’ve seen the term CRISPR get tossed around, but have never taken the time to understand it and its implications.

    This article unearths some fascinating aspects of life:
    1) bacterial DNA has a “filing system” for storing virus DNA!
    2) the CAS9 is like a guided missile – carries the virus RNA to target the invading virus and blast it to smithereens! (kind of)
    3) CRISPR is a “find and replace function for DNA”

    I understand how CRISPR-CAS9 works a little better. Does that make me less fearful of it? Not sure…

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    1. Walter,
      Thank you for reading my blogs on this topic, and for your responses. As you can see, I am no expert on this particular topic (and on others that I feel free to write about), but I am always happy to try to learn, just as you are.

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