The Dogs of The Harley Estate

We spent a couple of nights at the Golden Wood Eco Holiday Homes located in the Harley Estate in Sakleshpur in Karnataka.  Here are some sample pictures that attempt to capture the spirit of our experience there.  (You can click on the pictures to open them up in higher resolution.)

It was the second morning of our stay at the resort.  I woke up early to find our friendly neighborhood dog guarding the doorway.  It had actually spent some time in the night barking at something or another.  It could have been the critters that had been scurrying across the rooftop in the night in their ongoing “rat race”.

I decided to take a walk by myself and headed up the path toward the hilltop house.  I had proceeded just a few yards from the house when I heard some excited barking from the area of another house that was under construction. The dog was running away, but it seemed to have changed its mind and before I knew it I found it running towards me on the road.   It was all excited and was jumping about and it wanted to go for the walk with me.  So I had a companion with me all the way.  The dog would rush off into the trees by the path to sniff things, jump ahead and fall behind, but it stayed with me faithfully.  I felt safer walking in the woods because of the presence of the dog, and even though I was approaching an area that seemed to be rougher and less used.

The dog returned home with me.  There was a bit of excitement when it met the other dog guarding the building we were staying in, but the two did reconcile their differences and play with each other.

The friendly dogs of the estate added to the enjoyment of our stay at Golden Wood.

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