“1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto

This is an old one, and the video has been linked to by many people in the past. I am providing the link just in case you have missed it. There is  an eerie beauty to this piece of “art” even while it provides a different kind of testament to the manner in which humankind can put itself in danger by its actions.

via “1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto

My apologies if you have seen this already.

About The Pictures Submitted For the WPC: Abstract

This blog describes the nature of the pictures in my submission for the WPC this week on the topic “Abstract”.

The first and third picture are actually of ice (frost) formed on the windshield of a car on a cold winter morning.  The nature of the  ice pattern that day was unusual.  If I remember correctly, the second of these pictures was taken after I started the process of removing the ice using deicing fluid.

The second picture in the series is of a glass brick on a wall that I saw in a commercial location.  The picture was taken in the evening after sunset.  The glass was reflecting artificial light that was falling on it in a strange way.

The last picture is of a chandelier which hangs from the center of a dome at the Chicago Cultural Center.  The picture was taken from directly under the chandelier.  Here is a picture of the dome taken from the side.  You can see where the chandelier is suspended from.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

How does the photograph really capture life?
Can the imitation of art also be artistic?
Should the art that is being imitated be something created by somebody else?

In the first part of my response I have series of pictures of nature that in general look like paintings to me. Since paintings are works of art by definition (may not be good art, but art nonetheless!), I think these could fall into the category of life imitating art.IMG_7057IMG_7073IMG_7196IMG_7339OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I believe this last picture is more in tune with the theme imagined by the author of the challenge.

For more pictures submitted for this week’s challenge visit this site.