A Morality of Convenience

“ ‘All this will I give you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.’ ”
Matthew 4:9

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You have to understand that some of the garbage being spewed out these days when it comes to influencing the politics of this country comes from religious leaders who are supposed to be the voices of morality.

There is a part of this country that is so afraid of the changes going on around them that they will do anything it takes to try to go back to the so called “good old times”, a time that cannot be brought back, indeed a time that might have been good for some but not for many others (think racism and slavery).   I used to think that it is pointless to stand in the way of change, but if folks are willing to do anything it takes to twist the political system, to change it and stack it permanently in a regressive way, then who knows.

Here’s How the End of Net Neutrality Will Change the Internet | WIRED

Ajit Pai should be ashamed of himself.
via Here’s How the End of Net Neutrality Will Change the Internet | WIRED

I wrote a blog on this topic myself a while back.

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We can still speak up.


FCC: Your cybersecurity isn’t our problem

Right from the get-go, in spite of statements that may be made to the contrary, the current administration in the US has made it clear that lives of the common man are not at the top of its priority list.  Government is supposed to work for the people, but the folks in power have gone out of their way (and gone about it with a vengeance) trying to gut programs that have been designed to support those who truly need help.  There is the driving focus to shift more of the government support and the nation’s wealth to the corporations and the rich.  There is also a desire to go back to the good old days, and a yearning for a way of life that seems to have worked in the past for a demographic of people in the country who are now diminishing, a group who now find themselves being left behind.

Programs for addressing healthcare, poverty, housing, education, etc., topics that are most important for the less privileged, are those that folks seem to be intent to tear into and tear apart. Top this off with the disdain  of the folks in power today for the environment and for science, and the tinge of racism and xenophobia that people now feel freer to admit and act upon openly, it is hard to see anything good coming out of the political sphere during the next four years.

Yes, they are in the process of gutting even the regulations for our essential communication systems that were meant to protect the consumer.

Below is one aspect of the rules in place that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is in the process of changing.

FCC: Your cybersecurity isn’t our problem
Our privacy was on life support. The FCC is pulling the plug.

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