Pictures From a Vacation

Our extended family gathers quite regularly during Christmastime.  It does not matter where we meet or what we end up doing.   It only matters that we are there to spend time with each other – to renew, reconnect, share, and support each other every day from sunrise to sunset, and beyond. We take pleasure in simple activities and in celebrating milestones.  There is rejuvenation, comfort, and joy and laughter, in activities that tend to repeat themselves every year. We celebrate the young ones in all age groups. Over the years some have grown up into young responsible adults who are discovering the world on their own, while others are in the process of coming into their own.  The numbers increase and the process continues to amaze and never become stale.  Our gathering is a celebration of existence, of life, and of simply being there.  Here are some pictures from this year’s gathering.


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

Most photography is probably in one way or the other about trying to capture or create a  State of Mind.  Many of the submissions for this week’s challenge try to capture the photographer’s mood, or state of mind, when they were taking a picture.  I do this all the time when I am communing with nature and take pictures.  When I post such pictures I am also trying to get somebody else to feel my own state of mind.

My response to the theme takes a different direction. This posting is about pictures of people. Most often people pose for you when their picture is being taken.  The common response is to try to smile for the camera.  But sometimes, if the timing happens to be just right, I capture something unexpected.  I might have captured them in an unexpected state of mind.


More often something like this happens when the person may not be aware of their picture being taken.

And sometimes you can be pretty sure what their state of mind is.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA