Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This is my more conventional submission for the week’s challenge.  Since a majority of my pictures have been taken during my numerous morning outings, I have tons of possible candidates for submission even if I were to eliminate what I would consider “the usual” sunrise pictures.  I have already shared many such pictures. So I tried to be extra careful when picking the ones below.

The picture below tries to capture the mood of a typical morning outing in the woods.  The quiet and the solitude have a healing effect on the mind.


It is only in the early morning that I can get moody pictures like the ones below through the mist and the fog. (I note that the sun is actually visible in the first two pictures below.)100_2982


Then, there was this picture that I thought captured a nice mood early in the morning over the waters of the Bay of Islands. I have this feeling of anticipation of what the new day is going to bring, especially to people who are going to use the ferry to start their day.


Finally there are these pictures taken in the San Francisco Bay area.  The first one is not in black and white.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis last picture (which ought to be viewed in its original size by clicking through) shows the morning cloud cover over San Francisco airport, while the sun, rising in the east (actually south-east), lights up the red and white tower and the departing aircraft .